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Burning our boots at Finisterra

Today we are going to finisterra. We want to burn our boots there. Most pilgrims would walk another 4 days for about 90 km to finisterre, which in the old days, means the end of the earth. As one faces the ocean, it does look like it’s the end of the earth. Instead of walking, […]

Mass at the Cathedral!

We got our pilgrim passports first thing in the morning. We heard from Justina last night that there is a pilgrim mass at 7:30 am so we woke up early again instead of sleeping in late. We got ready early, walked to the cathedral but there were no pilgrim mass early in the morning. The […]

Day 32. July 17. We reached Santiago!

Happy Pilgrims begin singing near the end of the Camino! Santiago at last!!!!! The walk today was very nice, through a lot of woodland paths. The weather was overcast then windy then light rain. It was colder than usual. We said goodbye to many friends and other pilgrims as we approached Santiago. There were many […]