Day 31. July 16. Azura to Arca. 12 miles to go to Santiago!

We could not sleep last night.

May be we were too excited about Santiago being so near!

We woke up early. It was hard to start but once we are on the road, our legs got going.

We met up with a lot of young people. They all complaint about how hard it was yesterday. They all stopped one town before us. They said there were no way they could go on to Azua!!! And we did !!! We were proud of ourselves.

Actually Ed ran his microcurrent machine and super charged one of our water bottle with microcurrent. We use the microcurrent machine at night to help with our aching muscles. Ed and I drank the bottle of water after lunch and we walked fast. Ed told me may be we are on to something here. I told Ed we might be disqualified from receiving a pilgrim certificate because we drank supercharged water. We are water doping our system!!!!

This morning Ed ran the microcurrent machine in a fresh new bottle of water. We will drink it when we get tired today. It should be a shorter day. The pilgrim super highway is incredibly busy. At one stop Ed took a video of a group that must have been one hundred pilgrims walking. We called it the pilgrim stampede! As they walk, they are loud. They overtake the path. It’s just insane!

Some of the old timer pilgrims are starting to come up with names for these new pilgrims: ‘clean-a-grino’ instead of peregrino, ‘new-grim’ instead of pilgrim.

If there is any kind of reflection left on the camino, the silent quiet walks and reflections are way behind us, hundred of miles behind, way back on the days crossing the lonely meseta, or climbing the peak of alto de perdon. That was reflection time. Of you ever want to walk the camino to find yourself, walk before the last 100 km. if you try to find yourself between Sarria and Santiago, there is no hope. You will be lost between the tour grims and the clean a grinos and the new grims.

The albergue in the small towns used to be 10 beds in 2 rooms are now 110 beds in 4 rooms. In Santiago, the monto del Gozo albergue has 400 beds in 50 rooms!!!! How big is this albergue? Ed and I said we will go take a picture of it! And not only that, Santiago has 20 aubergues, some with 180 beds, 120 beds, 110 beds etc …. It used to be 3 or 4 pilgrims in an albergue some nights. So quiet, so calm. That was truly a joy and we really missed those quiet days!

As it was really difficult to be reflecting with so much noises around, most pilgrims thinks more toward Santiago. Celebration. Joy.

We are starting to congratulate each other for arriving. Most plan to walk more today to get closer to Santiago and walk in a shorter walk tomorrow.

We are 12 miles to Santiago!

Tomorrow is the big day!

We are very excited!

Hope we can sleep tonight!

A la maƱana

Buen camino!!!!